Water Management & Environmental Services

Experience the excellence of our water treatment and maintenance services, customized to meet your specific needs at CRMT Contracting.

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Excellence In Water And Environmental Solutions

We provide tailored, innovative services to ensure sustainable and effective water management and environmental care across Alberta.


Water Management

Water treatment solutions for clean, safe, and sustainable water management.

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Pump Maintenance

Expert pump maintenance ensures your water systems perform optimally.

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Motor Maintenance

Motor maintenance ensures your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Water Pumping

Reliable water pumping services for your residential and commercial needs.

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Equipment Rentals

We offer rental equipment to ensure you have the right tools for any project.

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Trust CRMT for Sustainable Water Management Solutions And Environmental Services.

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Your Questions, Our Answers

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We provide pump and motor maintenance, water management, environmental services, equipment rental, and water pumping services.

Regular maintenance ensures your pump's optimal performance and extends its lifespan.

It's recommended to schedule motor maintenance at least annually for optimal efficiency and to prevent breakdowns.

Professional water treatment ensures clean, safe, and sustainable water for your needs.

Yes, we provide reliable emergency water pumping services to address urgent needs effectively.